This is what some clients say about their experience of having an astrology reading with me...
"I had been searching some time for an astrologer experienced in vocational astrology, and after searching on the Faculty for Astrological Studies directory came across Spiros’ website. His description of ‘astrology as a road map’ really resonated with me as that was exactly what I was looking for: an expert to review my chart and help provide me with a useful map for the journey ahead. I wasn’t disappointed.

While I was seeking knowledge about my career path what Spiros provided was something altogether more valuable. In essence, he gave me a deeper understanding of myself – strengths and weaknesses, past hurts and stumbling blocks and most timely for me, new avenues to explore. With great synchronicity he highlighted a possible direction that I had actually been considering myself for the last few months. However, a previous viewpoint had meant I had completely ruled out investigating it any further.

Spiros also identified my deep love and need to be creative in my work, something I reluctantly had thought about abandoning because of frustrations in my career. His recognition of how important this is to me has made me realise that I have to find a way to keep this central to whatever I do next.

I’ve always felt astrology to be both an art and a science but which also needs the skill of a psychologist to help apply it to people’s lives. Spiros has a gift for doing just that and he combines it with a genuinely lovely manner, kindness and sensitivity. His reading has helped me take a step back to view the bigger picture of who I am and how I might fit into the world around me.

Thank you Spiros for providing me with the ‘road map’ I was seeking. Now all I have to do is summon up the courage to begin the journey."

​Julie, London, March 2019
"I was impressed by the accuracy of Spiros’ astrological consultation. His reading was a perfect description of my character traits and repeating life patterns. It is amazing how someone who didn’t know anything about me, apart from my name and date of birth, was able to give me such a precise picture of my personality. I approached astrology with a degree of scepticism but after my consultation with him, I definitely believe that our destiny is somehow ‘written in the stars’. But at the same time, it is also possible to change negative life patterns by knowing the influences that the planets exert over us and learn how to work in harmony with them.

Spiros is extremely skilled in combining his astrological knowledge and his therapeutic ability. He tells you why things are in a certain way but at the same time he suggests how you can change your situation. Talking to him was extremely insightful and fascinating, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to deepen his self-knowledge."

Ileana, London, December 2018.
"I met Spiros because I was interested in my natal astrology reading, something I had never done in the past, and I was highly impressed by him at different levels.

I found his description of my natal chart very accurate and thought it was the portrait of who I am. I was surprised to see how good Spiros was at identifying some of my attitudes, interests, personality traits and patterns that have happened in my life so far.

At a more personal level, I was impressed by his ability to connect with me as a human being. When talking to him, I felt relaxed and at ease without realising time was going by. I found Spiros was a nice, gentle and empathetic individual with whom I could open myself in a sincere dialogue where he was listening to me carefully."

Gianluca, London, September 2018

"I recently discovered that my rising sign had been incorrectly charted and was very keen to discover the “truth” about myself, as I had believed myself to be one thing for thirty years, when in fact, I was another.  I knew Spiros from a distance at work and one day by chance (though it was not chance at all!) I started talking to him about astrology.  I found I could talk to him easily and was willing to talk openly about myself, two factors which are most certainly not part of my astrological make-up as I am very private and closed.  I was thus inspired to ask for a reading, one establishing my correct rising sign and what it signified for me, as well as a query about my chosen career as a writer.  I perceived that I had not been successful with my career and could not understand what it was that was holding me back from achieving my goals.  This was the first one-to-one astrological reading I had ever had, having until now made do with printed out summaries of my character, none of which I had ever been able to relate to myself.

Within moments of starting the consultation, I was “blown away” by Spiros’ understanding of my chart.  As I have so successfully hidden myself from all who have ever met me, I was truly astonished at how accurately he understood my character.  This was a revelation beyond my wildest dreams: to have my deepest, darkest core revealed by someone in whom I had absolute trust.  It was this aspect that I found the most extraordinary about the reading – that while I have always been unwilling to “expose” myself to anyone, I was willing to talk about this dark core to Spiros, as he inspires trust and confidence.  His professionalism was such that I knew with certainty that I was in safe hands.  Instead of feeling concern about my “darkness,” as it were, I felt relief.  The language he used to describe the facets of my character were easy to understand and often poetic.  He used analogies that I understood at once and I felt that the depth of his understanding of planetary movements in my chart was that of a master astrologer.

He picked up on my almost unbearable intensity and the restraint I have to employ at all times in order not to burn others.  In all my years, no one has ever realised this factor about me, that I am brimming with a rage I cannot express.  His understanding and pertinent questioning were more insightful than any psychologist or analyst.  Usually unwilling to talk about myself, I could have talked all night!

I was also supremely delighted to discover that not only have I chosen the right career path but that I must not give up, despite the decades of persistence that seem to have taken me nowhere.  This result brought me great joy and relief.

Spiros helped me to look into the darkest part of my soul without fear and I was left feeling light and free."

Susannah, Writer, London, September 2018, (
"Spiros’ name came up on the Faculty of Astrological Studies website indicating that he had attained a certain standard of practice and I could be confident in his expertise and ethical approach. I know very little about astrology so was looking for someone who could balance explanations of my natal chart with reflection on how the reading might apply to my experience of my life. I really felt that Spiros achieved this balance – he was informative, insightful and sensitive to what I wanted from the reading and how I responded.

The reading really resonated with me – I was surprised by its relevance to my personality and the conflicts I feel in certain areas of my life. The thing that will stay with me is that, although there are areas of considerable challenge and difficulty suggested by my chart, there are also sources of personal power and faith and that these can sustain me. I find that I am still reflecting on what Spiros had to say 3 weeks on and continue to find new resonance. I would definitely recommend Spiros to a friend – for his warm and attentive manner alone. I am still not sure how much I ‘believe’ in astrology but what Spiros’ reading provided was a metaphorical framework whereby I can better understand myself and the different dimensions of my personality. I am really glad I went ahead with the reading. It was cool!"  

Helen, June 2018, North Midlands.
"I decided to have an initial consultation with Spiros as I felt that I needed some guidance about career matters. Spiros was very warm and understanding; I had a great experience overall. We discussed in depth about my chart and how I experience the different aspects. He looked at my chart in a way that I hadn't considered in the past, when I read my chart by myself, and he gave me a lot of perspective and clarity. After our session I really felt empowered and confident. I highly recommend a consultation with him, he is a very caring and experienced professional and well as a very thoughtful and kind individual." 

Konnie, Chemist, London, May 2018
"I decided to have an astrology reading with Spiros as I felt I needed deeper insights to help me understand who I am. I hoped that bringing my personality nuances into light, especially focusing on strengths of my character and motivations driving my choices and decisions in my professional and personal life, would give me confidence to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

The session with Spiros proved to be an amazing experience. Not only is he highly knowledgeable in his field and extremely professional in the way the reading was conducted, Spiros is also an incredible person filled with genuine warmth, understanding, and radiant positive energy, which I find very important in order to build trust when discussing private matters. I enjoyed every moment of our conversation which was full of valuable insights and realizations about my past and present, and inspiration towards my future.

I would highly recommend Spiros as a truly gifted astrologer to anyone seeking a deeper understanding who they are and how to bring the best out of themselves in order to live a harmonious life." 

Yuliya Donald, Cataloguer, London, April 2018
"I found Spiros online whilst revisiting my interest in astrology. I was actually quite unsure if I wanted to proceed and I first had a lovely chat with him on the phone to decide. His manner was so warm and understanding that I decided to book a session. I can honestly say that it was so wonderful not just because he explained my chart to me with great clarity and insight, but because of his work as a counsellor. It was incredibly healing for me and I felt so supported and understood by him even though we’d just met. He is an incredibly warm person who radiates light and love and I believe anyone going to see him would benefit from his astrological wisdom and also just from his kind heart. He is a lovely person and this is the most important thing I believe when visiting someone who is delving into your past, your present and even your future! There must be a positive intention for the client above all and he is really there to help people understand themselves better - and feel good about themselves. I highly recommend anyone to go see Spiros.."

Catherine Beckwith, Writer/Editor, London, March 2018.
"I choose Spiros as he had done his Astrological training at the Faulty of Astrology London, which is one of the most reputable places to study Astrology in the UK. Their training is very thorough, concluding in a Diploma, that’s respected worldwide. As I am a little familiar with Astrology, I booked a consultation with him to discuss upcoming possible changes in my life, as I am heading towards my sixties. I expected confirmation of my gut feelings that I am going through a particular phase in my life, which requires of me to inspect my values, relationships and how I want to live the last part of my life.

The consultation was an open discussion, with Spiros asking questions and myself responding with answers pertaining to my situation. I really enjoyed this dialogue, as it gave me the power to make my own choices and decisions. The three most useful insights were, to trust my instincts more, to take a closer look how I relate with people, and that it is alright now to take some time for myself to figure out, and be curious about what I need and want in life. Spiros is engaging, knowledgeable and totally easy to talk to. You will feel inspired and uplifted afterthe consultation, knowing that you have new options and choices for your life."​​​ 

Jacqueline Saednajad, Catering, London, January 2018.

  ​​​“I have had an astrology reading once before I met Spiros and I thought that the meeting with him would be similar to the previous one that was more traditional in tone and content. That couldn’t be further from the truth! With my initial query as a starting point, the reading felt more like a counselling session that took a deep look into my past patterns, present worries and concerns, and aspects of my personality. This way of working not only answered my initial questions but enabled me to gain a more profound understanding of myself, to look at my concerns from different angles, and to start thinking about long-term, rather than temporary, solutions to my issues. I would most certainly recommend a session with Spiros as I believe that he is so much more than just a consultant astrologer.”  

Duygu, London,  December 2017.

​"I saw Spiros for a reading as I was keen to understand my chart in a bit more detail, and get some pointers for the time ahead. Like most of us I guess I am often subconsciously looking for the oracle to give me the 'secret key', the full manual, clear directions, but this was not quite what I came away with. Instead the reading felt like a sensitive, gentle and playful exploration of the territory and the forces at play in my chart and in me. It brought increased understanding of aspects of myself, internal conflicts and challenges and how they may manifest. I also came away with a sense of spaciousness, of there being more room somehow for me to breathe, because so many aspects of who I know I am had been offered space, recognised, given a nod. It felt like all those internal parts lifted their heads and could breathe a little, could exist more freely.  

The particular gift that Spiros brings to this process I feel is his great facility with the rich, detailed universe of metaphorical and multi-layered meaning expressed through the archetypes of astrology. It is as if he absorbed it all at cellular level, perhaps by immersion from birth. He is a master craftsman with all the tools at his fingertips. Not only does he have arch a rich and full palette, his language is suffused with imagery and metaphor, rich yet spacious, he offers and invites room for reflection within the conversation.  He communicates with sensitivity and presence, picking up on my reflections and offering potential new perspectives in in a way that deepened  understanding. It is this soulful artistry I think that made me come away with this sense of rich spaciousness, skilfully and lightly offered. A gift."  

Ingrid Murphy, Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, London, November 2017.

​​"I’ve known Spiros for a long time and was very excited when he agreed to do my chart. I have just been through a very tough period in my life. My fiancé had left me about a year before, and in the space of that year I had managed to deal with all the emotional trauma plus the practical implications of the separation (including moving house while working on PhD corrections), completing my PhD within the set deadline and rebuild every single aspect of my life successfully. I was very intrigued as to where I managed to find the strength to carry on and persevere, and I thought an astrology reading will provide an insight into how this happened.

I felt that Spiros was definitely spot on describing some aspects of my character that even I thought I was hiding quite well! I was quite amazed how he also interacted with me during the session and how observant he was – this was certainly not a monologue on his part! At one stage for instance he observed that even the change of our discussion from the professional level of my life (where I knew I always appear most confident and can talk for hours about what I do) to my personal (where I always lack confidence and even avoid eye contact) changed both my body language and the way I was interacting with him. I was quite startled by this observation and it made me reflect a lot on who I am!

Spiros constructs his sessions in a very professional manner – before he had a chance to work on my reading, we had a little talk together giving him a few information about myself, as well as what I would expect to get out of the session, so his sessions are always tailored to his clients’ needs. The session itself was delivered in a very professional manner – Spiros is naturally a very engaging and warm person, and will make anyone feel at ease.

The entire experience was one of self-discovery; it made me reflect a lot on traits of my character that I never really noticed too much, and I do feel I understand myself much better as a result of his reading. I also think it changed my stance– it made me think a bit more about some aspects of my personality that I never noticed too much before.

I would definitely recommend him to everyone who would like to get on board a self-discovery experience with the help of a professional astrologer"

Dr. Maria Kiladi, Musicologist, London, November 2016.

"I was given an astrology reading as a birthday present and when I got in touch with Spiros to arrange the details I instantly felt at ease by his immediate and friendly approach  during the telephone exchange. The truth is I had never been to an astrologer before and knew nothing about astrology other than that the position of the planets at birth somehow affect one’s character, and as such I had little idea what to expect from the reading. 

We did the session over the phone during which Spiros analysed different aspects of my character in a way that helped me understand myself better, for example what my strengths and weaknesses were and how to capitalise on former and be aware of the latter. He also gave me a timeframe and specific dates that would be important regarding family, relationships and work and explained how my behaviour and the way I dealt with  these issues in my life would change during that period. A few months after the end of the session I was surprised to see that the changes that he had highlighted were happening at the exact dates he had mentioned. I listened to the recorded session again which helped me to decide how to deal with each situation.
I would definitely recommend an astrology reading with Spiros to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of his personality and how their actions align with the planetary positions at birth.”

Athanasios Mihas, B1 Aircraft Engineer, Athens, April, 2015. 

“I've been to visit Spiros twice now, and both times I found the session very helpful. The birth chart reading itself opened quite a few doors for me, to aspects of my personality that I wasn't so aware of before, and gradually helped me gain a clearer view of my own wants and needs. Looking mostly at transits the second time helped clarify the path in front of me. At a time of great change and also confusion in my life I found the session grounding, encouraging and empowering.”   

Irene, London, March 2015
  “My astrological consultation with Spiros provided me with great comfort in a difficult period in my life.  He uses astrology as it should be used, to help the client look inwards and backwards and so make sense of future possibilities. His reading of the key patterns in my chart was incisive, and I enjoyed his intuitive manner and natural warmth and wisdom.  Thank you, Spiros, I have kept my recording to listen back to and smile when this time has passed, and would recommend you to anyone seeking astrological counselling.”   

Stella Klein, London, February 2015

"I knew a bit about astrology before I booked a reading with Spiros but I had never been to a personal consultation before. I had just been through a major trauma in my life, losing my father, and felt like I was at a crossroads. Like most people I was looking for some guidance and reassurance that I was on the right path and Spiros was able to provide both.

Firstly he gave me a thorough and insightful overview of my character. It was very accurate and he picked up on a lot of details that rang true. Next I asked him to give me some idea of what the upcoming months had in store for me.

I had a number of different options to choose from varying from starting a new career by going back to school, moving to another city or country or staying where I was. His reading pinpointed some key dates for me and gave me an accurate template to base my decisions around. It was really helpful and I felt like it gave me the confidence to be bold and do what was truest to my character and my astrological destiny. Sometimes the biggest gift is knowing who you really are and not trying to force yourself to be something you're not.

I still regard him as a friend, as well as an advisor and would recommend his services to anyone seeking counsel on big life decisions. Whether or not you believe in astrology, sometimes just the act of dissecting your personality traits, ambitions and worries with a knowledgable and trustworthy stranger is beyond helpful. You may find it surprisingly accurate too!"  

Katherine,   Publicist and Artist Manager, Torontom, Canada, February 2015.
"I am very pleased I choose to see Spiros for my natal chart reading. I found him through a google search and found his website page ticked all the right boxes for me. Spiros was thoroughly professional in his correspondence prior to the reading, which made me feel comfortable that he was legit.

We did the reading in his home, a wonderful host I must say! Spiros highlighted to me the most significant parts of my chart in the 90 mins and having the session recorded has helped me go back over it whenever I please. His ability to interpret the chart was second to none. Thanks again Spiros!" 

Luke McCall, Teacher, London, November 2014

“I chose to have an astrology reading with Spiros after meeting socially and was impressed by the enthusiasm and his commitment to his craft. I felt that I was going through a period of transition and I had hoped that the reading would shed some light on the direction I was taking my life at the time. Indeed, it helped me make sense of my journey as a whole, explained the motivation behind past choices and  offered inspiration about possible ways of proceeding  towards the future. I have seen him one more time since then and in both instances I appreciated his professional manner, the thoughtfulness of his approach and the intuitive nature of his interpretations. I also felt that there was a therapeutic element to the readings – by the end of the session it felt that some healing had been achieved. “  

Bernadette, Psychotherapist, London, Dec 2013.
Spiros is professional and passionate about astrology, so I felt totally comfortable in asking him to give me a reading.   I wasn’t sure what to expect from the session, however he was able to provide me with a better understanding of myself and my relationship with others as well as give me a detailed breakdown of future astrological events that would have an impact on my life.  Spiros makes you feel at ease and has a very welcoming nature and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that was thinking about having an astrological reading.“  

Danni McLaren, London, Oct 2012​​