My approach to astrology is multi-layered.  I see the birth chart as reflecting the internal, subjective way in which a person is likely to experience, appreciate and relate to life as well as indicating the external structures or forms through which this inner orientation is likely to find manifestation. Viewed from this perspective, the astrological chart is a map that shows  our unique contribution to life, the symbolic threshold where our inner and outer reality meet, and our personalized set of guidelines for fine-tuning those two levels of reality so that the former is an accurate reflection of the other and vice versa. All with the ultimate aim for a fulfilling and rich life, in whichever way each one of us aspires this to be.​​​​​
On the fate-versus-free-will debate, a concept core to astrological reasoning and as old as humanity itself, I tend to follow the middle way. I see free will as the capacity for a wide range of choices exercised within the parameters set by our genetic make-up and the familial, sociological, cultural, geographical conditions of the environment we were born in, and which loosely constitute our fate since they cannot be (easily) changed. I believe that the birth chart reflects on some level our personal portion of fate and the following example may help to illuminate this point: if, say, you are born on 16th January, then you have the Sun in Capricorn and this is your fate insofar as you cannot be Cancer or Libra; still, how you decide to manifest the potential of that Sun in Capricorn placement is down to your individual choice and there are infinite avenues through which this could be achieved.
Inspiring & Practical
Above all my approach to astrology is imbued with a sense of awe about anything living and I am forever impressed and surprised by the infinite ways we human beings learn and grow or fail to do so. This level of enthusiasm and commitment to understanding are qualities that I bring into my readings while simultaneously communicating the essence of the astrological chart in a simple, concise and down to earth way. Through my consultations, I attempt to give you some practical input which will hopefully assist you in your decision-making process in relation to your initial query or will enable you to see your life and reflect on it from a wider standpoint. Although astrology is unlikely to provide the answers to every single question you may have (after all being human involves dealing with a certain amount of uncertainty), it can still help you formulate the questions that are relevant to your circumstances and the particularities of your essence and this is, perhaps, a considerate gain.