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Natal Astrology & Forecasting

   £120 / 1.5h​​

This is by far the most popular astrology reading and it is ideal for first-time clients and those new to astrology.
The consultation is split into two parts.... 

Career & Vocation 
£120 / 1.5h 

This is ideal for clients who are feeling stuck in their current line of work or considering a career change or students/graduates wondering about their first career move. During the session we will look at the following areas...

Relationship / Synastry ​ 

£180 / 1.5h​​

This is the astrology of relationships which involves comparing the birth charts of two (or more) people involved romantically or otherwise. The consultation aims to enable you and your partner to gain a deeper understanding... 

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Electional Astrology​
from  £70 ​​​​

This is ideal for clients who are considering starting a new project (marriage, business, partnership, document signing, website launch etc.) and would like to find the appropriate astrological moment that facilitates and favours that specific endeavour. 
Relocation & Astro - Carto - Graphy​   £120 / 1.5h

​​This is astrology in action and the consultation is appropriate for those wishing to relocate/travel to a new part of the world and would like to know which aspects of their lives and potentials are likely to be activated in the new geographical location. The consultation can suggest...

Forecasting / Ongoing Work​​    £90 / 1h

This astrology reading is ideal for returning customers who wish to get an update on the major planetary trends that will be affecting their lives in the year ahead. During the consultation we work closely together to establish how...

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