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Natal Astrology Reading (inc.12-Month Forecasting)   -   £ 90 / 1 - 1.5h​ 

​​This is by far the most popular astrology reading and it is ideal for first-time clients and those new to astrology.
The consultation is split into two parts: in the first we look at the natal chart in order to establish the major themes that act as driving forces in your life, the dynamics of your personality and how you have been expressing the potentials indicated in your birth chart.
The second part is dedicated to forecasting with the intention of unraveling what aspects of your life are likely to require your attention the year ahead, with the emphasis being placed both on the inner needs/qualities emerging during the following year and the outer experiences/events that these inner patterns may signify. 
 Telephone or in-person ​ ​consultations offered in Greek, English or Spanish.​ 

Forecasting / Ongoing Work​​   -    £70 p/h
This astrology reading is ideal for returning customers who wish to get an update on the major planetary trends that will be affecting their lives in the year ahead. During the consultation we work closely together to establish how previous forecasting work has worked in your life up until that point and to examine what the major themes for the year ahead are. The consultation draws on a number of forecasting techniques and astrological tools to shed light on the unfolding pattern for the next year.

Relationship / Synastry Consultation   -   £ 170 / 1.5h
This is the astrology of relationships which involves comparing the birth charts of two (or more) people involved romantically or otherwise. The consultation aims to enable you and your partner to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your interaction, your relationship needs and how these are met or not in the partnership.
Equal emphasis is placed on both the strengths and the potential weaknesses of the relationship, and constructive input is offered if necessary. This astrology reading is appropriate not only for people in a romantic relationship but also business partners or any other situation that requires close interaction between two or more individuals.

Note: for this astrology reading both individuals need to be present. If only one partner can attend then direct written consent to use their birth data from the ‘absent’ partner is required.

Electional Astrology​   -   £ 70 - 120

This is ideal for clients who are considering starting a new project (marriage, business, partnership, document signing etc) and would like to find the appropriate astrological moment that facilitates and favours that specific endeavour. Although there is no such thing as a “perfect” moment (especially since there will be concrete, external parameters that may be limiting the range of choice), I can suggest a couple of alternative options and the pros and cons for each one for you to consider before setting out on a new project.
Note: The fee above is only indicative and it may vary depending on the time-range within which the launch will take place.


Astro - Carto - Graphy​   -   £ 90 / 1h

​This is astrology in action and the consultation is appropriate for those wishing to relocate/travel to a new part of the world and would like to know which aspects of their lives and potentials are likely to be activated in the new geographical location. The consultation can suggest which countries/cities can be suitable for advancing your career, for maximizing your chances for a meaningful relationship or for simply having a great time.  

Tuition / Coaching​   -   £ 45-70 p/h

Astrology is a complex, often challenging, subject & skill to understand and develop especially to the newcomer. It does require dedication, perseverance, strong mental effort, discipline, and years of study before one develops the competence and confidence to work as a professional astrologer.

Having experienced astrology both as a student and currently as a Distance Learning Tutor with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, I am aware of the challenges involved in making the transition from being a student to being a professional astrologer, and I bring this experience into my private tuition, whether on a one-to-one basis or small groups.

I also offer coaching to newly qualified astrologers who wish to achieve greater maturity, insight and confidence in their astrological skill.
Terms & Conditions.
  •  Payments by credit card (Paypal Invoice), bank transfer, or cash. Credit Card payments incur an additional £5 charge.
  •  Readings in my consulting room near the British Museum incur an additional £30 charge.
  •  Cancellation within 72 hours incur the full fee unless rescheduling is possible.